Solazur is a Denver-based duo formed out of a shared desire to offer captivating and intimate performances of cello and guitar music. The duo engages audiences with the diverse canon of existing music for the ensemble as well as brand new compositions, supporting and advocating for a thriving culture for living composers through innovative and collaborative work. Solazur’s debut album, Mercurial, encapsulates the group’s music through 2019, and embodies the spirit of collaboration at the core of the group's mission. 




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Katie Burns and Seth Quay met in the summer of 2016 at the Zodiac Music Festival and Academy outside of Nice, France where they premiered a new composition with the picturesque backdrop of the French Alps. They returned the following year to work on Mendelssohn's Sonata for Cello and Piano, deepening their friendship and their musical partnership. When Seth moved to Denver to study at the Lamont School of music in 2018, they immediately started making plans for a duo.

The name "Dadirri" comes from an Aboriginal practice of deep listening and inner, quiet, still

awareness. While the pair has much to learn about the origins of this practice, they were inspired by its reflective nature and hope to embody its qualities in our own musical experiences together.

Weddings & Special Events

Depending on your event and the kind of music you would like played, different ensembles are more appropriate than others.  I am happy to offer consultation on those decisions.  Available ensembles include string solo, duo, trio, and quartet.

Plain Faraday

Plain Faraday’s indie sound lies somewhere between acoustic Americana and modern folk, often integrating aspects of rock, bluegrass, blues and jazz. Performing mostly original songs, their quest for meaningful lyrics and dynamic compositions are guided by a respect for wood and steel, times past and present.

Working with local favorite The Spot Studio, the group released two singles in 2017, ‘Porcelain Fine’ and ‘My Friend’.  They released a third single in April 2018, ‘Declivity’ in partnership with local music producer and coffee aficionado Tyler Venter.  If the band can get their crap together, they’re looking to release an EP in early 2019.



Katie continues to put on full-length recitals in the Denver area as well as perform at festivals around the world.  She is also planning to release a recording in the near future.  Stay tuned and check out the Events for performances!