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Solazur is a Denver-based duo formed out of a shared desire to offer captivating and intimate performances of cello and guitar music. Solazur’s debut album, Mercurial, encapsulates the group’s music through 2019, and embodies the spirit of collaboration at the core of the group's mission.


Weddings & Events

I offer classical cello music for weddings and other special events throughout Colorado.  Available ensembles include string solo, duo, trio, and quartet.


Plain Faraday

Plain Faraday’s unique sound lies somewhere between modern folk and neo-funk (it’s a Colorado thing).  Influences of indie-rock, Americana and jazz abound. The group’s quest for meaningful lyrics and dynamic compositions are guided by a respect for wood and steel, times past and present.



Katie continues to put on full-length recitals in the Denver area as well as perform at festivals around the world.  She is also planning to release a recording in the near future.  Stay tuned and check out the Events for performances!

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